Data Analyst

Entry Level


Working Mode : WFO

Job Description

  1. Using automated tools to extract data from primary and secondary sources
  2. Processing data and fixing errors and related problems
  3. Developing and maintaining databases, data systems –reorganizing data in a readable format
  4. Performing analysis to assess quality and meaning of data
  5. Filter Data by reviewing reports and performance indicators to identify and correct problems
  6. Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets that could be helpful for the diagnosis and prediction
  7. Assigning numerical value to essential business functions so that business performance can be assessed and compared over periods of time.
  8. Analyzing local, national, and global trends that impact both the organization and the industry
  9. Preparing reports for the management stating trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data
  10. Working with management heads to identify process improvement opportunities
  11. Preparing final analysis reports for the stakeholders to understand the data-analysis steps, enabling them to take important decisions based on various facts and trends.


  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in all major
  2. At least 1 years working experience as Data Analyst, fresh graduate are welcome
  3. Strong mathematical skills to help collect, measure, organize and analyze data
  4. Technical proficiency regarding database design development, data models, techniques for data mining, and segmentation.
  5. Experience in handling reporting packages
  6. Accuracy and attention to detail
  7. Adept at queries, writing reports, and making presentations
  8. Verbal and Written communication skills
  9. Proven working experience in data analysis

Required Skills