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Company Overview

As Indonesia’s very first Intelligent Derma Beauty investment and strategic holdings company, Arya Noble and the people behind it have found immense success over the years in the nation’s skin and hair care industry, with leading brands such as ERHA Clinical Group which runs ERHA Ultimate, Dermies Max, and The Riserva, Genero Group which runs Skinproof, Genero Scientific, and Genero Pharmaceuticals, ERHA OTC which runs ERHA Digital, ERHA Network, and ERHA Skincare, and finally, renowned Padangnese Cuisine, Marco by Chef Marco Lim. It is thanks to our esteemed employees, the innovative, creative, and impactful Aryaners, that we are able to come this far and will continue to be an active & agile business incubator & accelerator for many years to come.

Our Aryaners are hard at work to always come up with something impactful for society. On a daily basis, the Aryaners progress in their careers with vision and growth, so that together they become increasingly more adept at disrupting the status quo of society’s standard of living and lifestyle by providing solutions to everyone’s skin-related issues, as well as making beauty accessible and affordable for all. Our vision is to continuously create meaning and value to the lives of others in these ever-changing times. Arya Noble’s latest establishment, which we are particularly proud of showcasing currently, is the discovery and incorporation of the most optimal blend of technological and systematic parameters of service and accessibility for our consumers, all of which are attuned to the most modern and trending visuals or interactive sensations; Intelligent Derma Beauty, the very first in Indonesia.

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